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नीतिका कुरा

Video Series

Nitika Kura aims to record valuable policy insights from Nepal’s senior policy experts, policy makers, diplomats and entrepreneurs across key sectors in the form of short videos. With this, NIPoRe aims to help the general public and researchers based in Nepal and outside to understand some crucial historical events and policies that could be useful in modern Nepal as well.



The geopolitical competition is intensifying both between the regional powers and among the global powers. Considering the political and foreign affairs trends during the last two decades; India, the US, and China, each seem to be consolidating their efforts to increase their meaningful influence in Nepal. In this pretext, Nepal Institute for Policy Research (NIPoRe) presents the first episode of “नीतिका कुरा: Policy Talks” as a part of the institute’s new initiative that aims to support the key policy stakeholders in Nepal to shape current and the future policies. For the inaugural episode of the “नीतिका कुरा: Policy Talks”, our in-house researcher Ms. Binita Nepali sits with Dr. Bhekh Bahadur Thapa to discuss Nepal’s past foreign policy priorities and their relevance in the modern context as Nepal faces new regional and global geopolitical realities.

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