Webinar – Nepal’s Digitalization Journey | Nepal Competitiveness Index (NCI)

Nepal has seen tremendous growth in the number of internet users in the past decade. The country currently has 95.8 percent (mobile broadband) and 35.5 percent (fixed broadband) internet penetration rate. As virtual connectivity across the country grows, a few key challenges related to cyber security and data privacy lie ahead of the policymakers and stakeholders. It has become critical to address these challenges to reap the economic benefits accrued by the technology.

Dr Swarnim Waglé will share how digital technologies have transformed Nepal’s economy and what it means for the country’s future economic priorities in his keynote speech. Hon’ble Sumana Shrestha will share how she, as a policymaker, has been taking on evolving digital disruptions and how she plans to make use of these technologies in supporting the overall growth of the country. Siddhartha Raja will discuss how the World Bank has been supporting the key policy stakeholders in the country to further boost digital competitiveness. Finally, Jaya Jung Mahat will shed some light on the roles of think tanks in supporting the key policy stakeholders in Nepal and other Asian countries to make themselves digitally competitive.