Public-Private Dialogue on Strengthening Inclusive Business Climate in Lumbini Province

The Nepal Institute for Policy Research (NIPoRe), in partnership with the Accountability Lab Nepal (A-Lab), is hosting a provincial-level public-private dialogue on strengthening the inclusive business climate in Lumbini Province on 24 April 2024. Competitiveness is pivotal in driving innovation, productivity, and job creation by fostering an environment where businesses of all sizes and sectors can thrive. Moreover, a robust public-private dialogue serves as the cornerstone for shaping policies and regulations that facilitate business growth and ensure inclusivity by considering the needs of diverse stakeholders. In this context, NIPoRe and A-Lab will host the event in Lumbini for constructive engagement among the government, private enterprises, civil society, and other relevant actors in the province to harness the collective expertise and resources needed to address challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and ultimately foster a business climate that is equitable, resilient, and conducive to sustainable development.

  • Time : 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm (UTC+11)