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To generate data-driven public debates through use of primary and secondary data so as to support key policy stakeholders in Nepal and also across the South Asian economies to formulate more realistic plans and policies.



Evidence-based Policymaking:

To enhance effective policy-making of public, private and development sector stakeholders in Nepal, NIPoRe employs quantitative analysis and makes use of available data to generate evidence.


NIPoRe values cross-sector and cross-country collaborations for better policymaking. The institution partners with professionals and institutions in Nepal and abroad to generate inclusive and replicable insights for policy research.

Independence and Non-partisanship:

NIPoRe is an independent, non-partisan and privately-registered institution that aims to reflect truth and accuracy on policy issues.

Objective Analysis

To make policymaking in Nepal and beyond as effective as possible, NIPoRe’s research seeks to avoid subjective influences caused by individual team member’s personal experiences and biases.

Global and Integrated Perspectives:

NIPoRe members represent different geographic regions of Nepal and also diverse academic specializations. As NIPoRe’s core team members have substantial local and global exposures, this will help NIPoRe to generate more holistic and global policy evidence.

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