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Conventionally, South Asia (SA) covers the region to the West of Myanmar (South East Asia), South of the Himalayas, and East of Iran (Middle East), extending to the Indian Ocean. Most of the region was colonized by the British, who called it the ëIndian subcontinent.

In contemporary parlance, SA consists of the eight countries under the regional grouping called South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). It is home to a quarter of world population. SAís global economic share has increased in recent decades, particularly with the rise of India and Bangladesh. In addition, SA boasts two nuclear powers- India and Pakistan. Many analysts argue that SA (primarily India) will play a critical role in the global balance of power in the coming decades if it already has not done so. The accelerated interests and engagement of international and regional powers such as the US, China, the EU, and Japan in the region suggest the significance of SA will only continue to grow in breadth and depth.