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Research Commentaries

NRC0013 – Targeted Advertisements – Are Facebook Ads Discriminatory?

NRC0012 – Enabling Factors for Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure in Nepal

NRC0011 – Nepalese foreign policy practice in the 1950s and 60s: special relationship, balance and diversification

NRC0010 – Nepal Earthquake 2015 at 4: Lessons and Recommendations for Developing South and Southeast Asia

NRC0009 – Internet at 50: Opportunity for Nepal to Examine Past Impacts of the Internet and Plan for the Future

NRC0008 – Understanding and Correcting Nepal’s Widening Trade Deficit

NRC0007 – Development of Rights : Should human rights be part of Nepal’s economic development strategy?

NRC0006 – Key Aspects of India-Nepal Logistics Summit 2019

NRC0006 – Key Aspects of India-Nepal Logistics Summit 2019

NRC0005 – Proposed Social Organization Act and Silent NGOs

NRC0004 – Framing Nepal’s relations with China and India: balance or diversify?

NRC0003 – Libra and the Future of Nepal’s Financial System

NRC0002 – Nepal’s Leverage as a Founding Member of AIIB