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US-China Competition and Potential Implications on Nepal’s Foreign Policy










Santosh Sharma Poudel, in his recent column (In Nepali Language) for Nepal Magazine, discusses how ongoing and future US-China competition may affect the way Nepali foreign policy priorities and practices work with these two and other major world powers.

Newspaper Op-EdNiPoRe in News

Xi and Modi in Nepal: Competition or Complementarity?

In the light of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent state visit to Nepal, Santosh Sharma Poudel, in his column (In Nepali Language) for Nepal Magazine, discusses growing interests of China and India in Nepal and what this means for Nepal’s existing and emerging foreign policy priorities.

Newspaper Op-EdNiPoRe in News

Benefits of adding legal perspectives into Nepal’s investment policies and strategies

Sabrina Singh, in her column for The Kathmandu Post, discusses how incorporation of legal perspectives in Nepal’s prevailing investment policies and strategies may help the concerned authorities to make these documents and associated logistics more conducive by allowing the state and investors enough rooms for discuss and settle tangible and binding legal effects of investment policies.

NiPoRe in News

“On the move” Photo Exhibition

In this interview, Kaushal Raj Sapkota talks about his passion for photography and important aspects of his recently concluded photo exhibition in Kathmandu, Nepal. With the theme of “On the move”, Mr. Sapkota and two of his colleagues – one each from France and Nepal – showcased photos from their trips in Asia, Europe and North America.